Stubbs, Ickle, Tinsy and Titch

Fabulous 4!


This beautiful group of ladies came into our care via one of our inspectors after they were removed from a multi animal household. They are quite young girls who have not been handled in their previous home, so would benefit from an owner who can continue their positive socialising in the future. They are super curious girls, who always like to watch you and see what you are up to. They love scurrying around their cage and exploring every tube, tunnel and climbing frame that they can. They are the absolute best of friends and are always found curled up in the same bed together. They are starting to become much braver around the staff here, and have even started to take a tasty mealworm or 2 from our hands when they are feeling extra brave.

  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Mouse
  • Reference: MO89, MO92, MO93, MO94