Handsome Herb


Handsome Herb came into our care as his previous owners could no longer keep him.
He is quite a shy little boy but his cheeky, mischievous side is now starting to come out and he is really starting to enjoy a good explore outside of his cage. He doesn’t appear to have had too much handling in the past but is slowly starting to get used to people, so would like to find a home that can continue socialising him in the future. Herb has now been neutered and would absolutely love to find a nice chinchilla girlfriend for company. Chinchillas are companion animals and require the company of another suitably matched Chinchilla to keep them happy. Do you have a lone female ready to find her prince charming? Herb is single and ready to mingle!

  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Chinchilla
  • Reference: 28PM300720-18