Carmel, Skye, Fizz and Fern

5 Goregous Girls


This beautiful mischief came into our care as their owners could no longer keep them. They are all super sweet with their own cheeky personalities, and would love to find a home that can spend lots of time socialising them. They are all the very best of friends so we are ideally looking for a home that can take all 5 of these beautiful girls together.

Size Requirements: A single/pair of rats need a minimum required space of 3ft x 2ftx 5ft (6 sq ft) with a sleeping area of 1 ft x 10inches x 8 inches.
Neutering: Rats can be neutered, however we do not neuter our rats as it is a risky operation for such a small animal.
Diet: There is a commercial complete food for rats which is adequate and contains all the necessary nutrients. There are many treats sold for rats but they must be given sensibly as they can cause obesity. There are veg and fruit which they can also have, if you would like a list of foods suitable for rats please ask a member of staff.
Company: Rats are highly sociable animals and do like living together in groups or pairs. We keep rats in same sex groups to prevent unwanted breeding.
Enrichment: Rats are very agile and athletic creatures who love to climb and exert energy. They need things to chew like fruit tree branches and wood, if they are not given appropriate things to chew they will start to chew anything they can, including the cage. Cardboard boxes are another thing that they love in their enclosures. They should not be kept on sawdust but on paper lining and shredded paper. Sawdust can cause respiratory infections which is common in rats.

  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Rat
  • Reference: 25PM291018-02