Piers came into our centre via an inspector. He has not been very well socialised in the past so will need someone who can spend lots of time with him so he can gain confidence. He is a sweet little guy who has lots of energy and loves spending his time exploring new things.

Size requirements: Hamsters need a minimum required space of 2ft 6 ins x 1ft 4 ins x 1ft 4 ins (3.12 sq ft) and a sleeping area of 6 ins x 7 ins (0.31 sq ft).

Diet: There are commercial complete foods available for hamsters. This is adequate and provides them with all required nutrients. There are plenty of treats which can be brought but must be fed responsibly to avoid obesity. There are certain fresh foods you can give but there are many which cannot be given. For a list of appropriate foods please ask a member of staff.

Company: Hamsters are very territorial and would fight till the death with another. It is advised to not keep them together.

Enrichment: Hamsters are the same as all small animals need plenty of exercise and things to keep them occupied. Regularly changing the environment helps to decrease boredom. Tubes, branches and cardboard boxes are good for chewing. Messing the beds daily will ensure the hamster has something to do. Platforms and facilities to climb are essential as they like to move around.

  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Roborovski Hamster
  • Reference: 13M270920-20