Lilly and Poppy


Lilly and Poppy came into our care after they were removed from a property by one of our inspectors. Despite their bad start, they are a friendly pair of girls who seem to enjoy being in the company of people, especially Poppy, who will always come up to investigate whether you have any tasty snacks. They are a well bonded pair, who will need to be rehomed together. Lilly and Poppy are very close, and are always seen playing, grooming one another, sharing a tasty meal and them curling up for a nice nap together.

**Please note that we ask for an accommodation of at least 45 square feet for a pair of rabbits**

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: Lilly - 2 Years/Poppy - 1 Year
  • Breed: Rex
  • Reference: RA360-RA361