Gandalf and Amy


This beautiful pair came into our care separately, but have recently been bonded at the centre and are now the best of friends.

Gandalf is extremely confident around humans, and is always up for lots of head strokes and hand feeding. Amy on the other hand can be very shy and is a lot less confident than her partner. Therefor they would like to find a new home where Gandalf can continue getting lots of strokes, and Amy can slowly but surely become more confident around people and learn that they are not so scary. We are sure that with Gandalf by her side and patient humans, she will blossom in her new home.

Do you have the space for this gorgeous pair?

**Please note that we ask for an accommodation of at least 45 square feet for a pair of rabbits**

  • Gender: Male & Female
  • Age:
  • Breed: Cross Breed
  • Reference: RA39 & RA115