Daisy and Rosalina


Our animal re-homing centre at Martlesham remains closed to visiting public. If there is a Rabbit you are interested in re-homing, please email reception.martlesham@rspca-ipswich.org.uk to request an application form. Should your form be successful, we will contact you to arrange the next steps of adoption.

This gorgeous little sister duo were born here at our centre. They are very sweet rabbits who are quite happy to be in the company of people they know, however it can take them a little longer to trust new people.
They love running around their enclosure playing together and doing lots of binkies. They are also more than happy to accept lots of head scratches and fuss from their human friends, so would love to find a home that can continue socialising them and spending lots of time with them in the future.

As Rabbits are such active animals, we require a fully secure accommodation of at least 45sqft.

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: D.O.B- 31/03/2020
  • Breed: Cross Breed
  • Reference: 28PM220320-13