Sean and Scott


Sean and Scott are a cheeky pair who came into our care after they were removed from a property with a large amount of ferrets. They have not had too much handling in the past and both lack some socialising skills and manners, so are looking for an experienced ferret home who can continue to work with them in the future to make them more comfortable around people and handling. They have improved a lot since they arrived in our care, and now absolutely love having a good run around in our enclosed play area. They are so entertaining to watch and will play together for hours, finally tiring themselves out and curling up for a snooze together.

Please note that due to how active these boys are, they will need access to a minimum enclosure size of at least 6ft x 3ft, with plenty of toys and things to keep them entertained.

  • Gender: Male
  • Reference: FE267-FE268