Jack and Ben

Cheeky chaps


Jack and Ben came into our care separately after they were found as strays, but have since been paired together and are now the absolute best of friends. They both love spending their days going on walks, playing and wrestling together, dooking and then snuggling up in bed for a nice long snooze.

They are full of energy and mischief, and are always getting themselves into all sorts of trouble. They are both very active boys, who will need access to enclosure of a minimum of 6ft x 3ft, and will also need lots of time out of their enclosure to burn off some of that extra energy.

We are looking for an experienced home for these boys, as Ben can be quite a handful sometimes. He can also be quite nervous around new people and will often give a little nip if he is uncomfortable in a situation, so is looking for a home that can take things slowly to gain his trust.

**Please note that we will not rehome these boys where they will be shut in a hutch or cage for any duration of time, as they are extremely energetic and need lots of extra space for their mischievous activities. For all of our Ferrets we have minimum size requirements to ensure they can exhibit natural behaviours**

  • Gender: Male
  • Reference: FE119 & FE97