**Tequila must live in a rural setting**

Tequila was brought into our care when her owners could no longer keep her.
We are looking for patient adopters willing to visit our centre many times, so that Tequila can get to know them at her own pace. It will be important to allow her to adjust into her new home, before slowly beginning to help her build confidence in other areas.
Tequila is very nervous in most new situations and finds people she doesn’t know worrying. We are looking for a quiet, rural home for Tequila, away from busy roads and public places – where she can feel safe and secure.
She is a super intelligent, young dog who loves to learn new tricks and games. She has bonded brilliantly with the staff at the centre and has such a lovely, affectionate, funny personality.

Tequila may be able to live with a suitable matched dog who is calm and has no behaviour issues.

If you are after a companion to enjoy training with, Tequila might be the one you’re looking for.

*Should you be interested in Tequila, once an application form has been successfully completed we will send you a full behaviour report prior to any meet taking place.

  • Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier X
  • Colour: White and Tan
  • Gender: Female
  • Size: Medium
  • Living with other animals: I can live with another dog, I cannot live with a cat, I cannot live with small animals
  • Family Situation: Adult home only
  • Experienced Required: Experienced home required
  • Reference: 28PD160320-11