Curious Cody


Little Cody was transferred to us from another RSPCA centre on behaviour grounds.
He has a full behaviour report that will need to be read and understood by potential adopters. His adopters would need to be experienced and happy to continue his ongoing, reward based, training, which he is responding well to here at the centre.
Cody is reactive towards new people and dogs, and has shown signs of redirection onto other things such as passing vehicles. For this reason Cody would best suit a quiet, rural home where there are few passing vehicles, people and dogs. This will keep his reactiveness to a minimum and set him up for success in his training.
Due to his reactiveness, Cody is to be muzzled and kept on lead on at all times when out walking.
Once Cody knows you he soon shows his affectionate and playful side. He absolutely loves his toys and will often greet you with one in his mouth whilst wagging his whole body! He is super intelligent and picks up new things quickly and effectively, whilst loving it because of all the tasty treats he gets in return!
If you think you can offer this sweet boy a home, then please get in contact with our reception.

  • Breed: Poodle Crossbreed
  • Colour: Black
  • Gender: Male
  • Size: Small
  • Living with other animals: I cannot live with another dog, I cannot live with a cat, I cannot live with small animals
  • Family Situation: Adult home only
  • Experienced Required: Experienced home required
  • Reference: DO285