Beautiful Bella


Beautiful miniature labradoodle Bella hasn't had the best start in life, coming into our care via an RSPCA inspector, after being kept in a crate for many years.

She is such a sweet and affectionate girl with people she trusts, loves a regular cuddle from our kennel team and has started to really enjoy playing with her toys. We are looking for a special home for her to go to, with no other pets and adult only owners, who are experienced with dogs and happy to continue her ongoing training with day to day life.

Ideally we would like her to be housed in a quiet area, that has a low dog population and few visitors coming in and out of the house. Bella is excitable and her arousal level is generally quite elevated, she is reactive to triggers and can become frustrated. These behaviours are heightened around busy surroundings, new people and dogs. For this reason, she is also required to be muzzled on walks at all times for her own safety and others.

Bella will require prospective adopters to make a number of visits to the centre over a fair period of time, so ideally applicants closer to the centre would be beneficial.

Bella is a beautiful girl who will be a very rewarding companion for an owner who likes positive training and would enjoy following a behaviour plan.

  • Breed: Labradoodle
  • Colour: White
  • Gender: Female
  • Size: Medium
  • Living with other animals: I cannot live with another dog, I cannot live with a cat, I cannot live with small animals
  • Family Situation: Adult home only
  • Experienced Required: Experienced home required
  • Reference: DO54