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Pet of the Week


Meet our lovely lad Logan! He was returned into RSPCA care after 2 years when his owner was unable to keep him due to training needs.
Logan can be anxious when meeting new people but using careful positive introductions Logan becomes less uncomfortable and starts to relax. He interacts positively with people he knows, showing affection and values their company highly. Logan would like to live in an adult household, where he can build a nice strong bond with his new owners. He would like someone to be around for the majority of the day at first, to help him settle into his new home life.
It would be beneficial for Logan to receive some more training around other dogs after being given time to settle in. He shows a desire to play but seems to lack social skills. With some careful guidance Logan can hopefully find a canine friend or two in the future.
Food and treats are a favourite of Logan’s which is great for training. He is already housetrained, knows a handful of basic commands and walks nicely on lead when there aren’t any distractions.
Are you a dedicated owner with a good understanding of dog behaviour who will continue the training that has been started at our centre?