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Pet of the Week

Hershel and Maggie

Hershel and Maggie came into our care after they were removed from a property by one of our Inspectors, along with many others bunnies who were all living in poor conditions. Poor Maggie arrived with us with an extremely painful eye infection in both eyes, which had been left untreated for some time. With the right veterinary treatment and lots of TLC, she was back on her paws in no time and is now the happiest little bunny. Hershel and Maggie have recently been paired up and seem very happy together, so are now on the lookout for a new forever home as a pair.
**PLEASE NOTE – DUE TO THEIR BREED, HERSHAL AND MAGGIE WILL NEED REGULAR GROOMING** As Rabbits are such active animals, we require a fully secure accommodation of at least 45sqft.