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Pet of the Week


Munch came into our care when she was just 3 weeks of age. Unfortunately she was abandoned by her mother at this age so we did not hesitate to take her on and give her the care and love that she needed. Sadly for little Munch, on her arrival we noticed that she was missing a back foot, her tail and both of her ears were almost non existent, she also has a slight deformity in one of her front legs. None of this has stopped her though, and she takes in all in her stride and is still a very happy little bun. She enjoys the company of people that she knows, enjoying a nice head stroke and taking some tasty treats from you.
Due to her missing foot, Munch will need to be a house bunny, with lots of nice soft blankets or carpet underneath to ensure that she does not get any pressure sores on her leg. Her missing back foot can also make it difficult for her to remain balanced on slippery surfaces so this will help keep her much more stable and happy. Munch is currently living alone at the centre, so is on the lookout for a neutered male bunny friend for company. Do you have the indoor space for this precious little girl?