Author - David

“I found someone.”

Twelve year old Cher came into the Centre in February 2015 when her owner was moving abroad and couldn’t take her with them. She was quite a sweetie but liked to have attention on her own terms. When she came to us she had two small cysts on her upper and lower lips. However over time they grew in size. The vet decided that it was best to leave them as it would involve a very big operation. During her time with us very few people showed any interest, which may have been due to her age, her cysts or that she could be grumpy at times. We hoped we had found a suitable home for her with a feline friend but unfortunately this was not meant to be as she didn’t want to have a friend! So once more she was back in our care and then one day someone did show an interest in her and they turned out to be the purrfect match. So, on the first of October 2016 she finally left us for her forever home. She found someone!

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Rescue animals deserve to be spoilt all year round, just as much as any owned animals who get to spend their time in a loving home with their families. Although staff will work around the clock to give love and attention to our animals, we would love to give them special treats. Why not check out our Amazon Wishlist and send a present to the centre? You can even dedicate it to an animal of your choice! Follow the link to find out what our animals would enjoy most //