Sugar and Spice


Hello our names are Sugar and Spice and yes we like all things nice. We love to burrow, chew, scamper and sleep. We have been handled in the past and would love to find a home where we can be happy and fulfil our Gerbilistic nature.

Housing Size requirements: A single/pair of gerbils need a minimum of 3 ft x 2ft 3ins x 2ft 3 ins (3.7 sq ft) and a sleeping area of 6 ins x 6 ins (0.27 sq ft). Glass tank or Gerbilarium

Diet: There are commercial diets sold specifically for gerbils which are adequate in providing the correct nutrients. There are many treats sold for gerbils which can be given in moderation as can result in obesity. There are fresh foods they can also be given, we provide a list of appropriate foods which they can be given.

Enrichment: Gerbils should be ideally kept in a large tank with shredded paper and hay to make deep bedding for them to dig and make tunnels. Cardboard boxes and tunnels should be placed in the accommodation for chewing which gerbils love. An occasional dust bath is also good for them. If you can attach a wheel to the accommodation it supplies them with plenty of exercise which they enjoy. Scatter feeding is a good enrichment technique. Fruit tree branches are also a good thing to have in the accommodation as they can climb and chew them. Messing the tunnels daily and bedding ensures the animals have something to do.

  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Gerbil
  • Reference: DOB 01-04-16