Liam & Noah


This beautiful pair are Liam and Noah, they came into our care as their previous owners could no longer keep them. They are shy boys but are very friendly once they know you and they have been used to being handled. These boys are looking for a nice retirement home to spend their days with lots of room and enrichment to keep them busy.

Size requirements: A single/pair of Degu’s need a minimum required space of 3ft 4 ins x 5ft x 3ft 4 ins (6 sq ft) with a sleeping area of 1 ft x 10inches x 8 inches.

Diet: Degu’s can be fed on a complete mix diet or a complete nugget diet which should consist of all the nutrients they need. A nugget diet is better so they are unable to pick and choose what they want to eat so this ensures they are consuming all nutrients they need. Hay should also be a main part of a Degu’s diet so fresh hay should always be available.

Company: Degu’s are very sociable creatures and very much like living with others. Here Degu’s are always homed as pairs or we pair up with an existing Degu.

Enrichment: Degu’s are very inquisitive creatures. There accommodation should be very interesting and changed frequently to stop the risk of boredom. They love to climb and run around at a very fast pace, so daily outings from there accommodation is necessary to provide them with exercise. Their accommodation should have plenty of things to chew and climb. If you need any ideas for enrichment please ask.

  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Degu
  • Reference: LAFM310318-21