Travis came into our centre as his previous owner could no longer keep him. He is a friendly happy chap with a lot of energy to burn off and is always on the move. He is currently looking for a bunny friend to spend his days with and to snuggle up to at night.

SIZE REQUIREMENTS: Rabbit accommodation must be secure, weather proof, be one continuous minimum area of 45 square foot (4.18 meters squared), be a minimum of 2 and a half foot (0.6 meters) in height and have access to this at all time. This is not as big as it sounds, please ask for an example.

DIET: Rabbits diet should consist of 80-90% hay or grass. Each rabbit should be fed a small handful of rabbit pellets twice a day. This should be scattered throughout the environment to encourage natural foraging behaviour. The pellets can also be handfed which will form a good bond with the rabbit. Rabbits can also have small amounts root vegetables and fruit as treats and leafy greens, herbs and weeds daily. Some foods are unsafe for rabbits, please ask a member of staff for advice.

VACCINTAIONS: Rabbits need regular vaccinations against myxomatosis and VHD. These vaccinations need to be done at your local vet and need to be done every year. All our rabbits are vaccinated. Currently are rabbits are not vaccinated against the 2nd strain of VHD.

NEUTERING: We neuter all our rabbits and ask that members of public’s rabbits are neutered if they are to be bonded with any rabbits from our centre.

COMPANY: Rabbits should be kept as pairs or more. They are very sociable animals and would live in large groups naturally.

ENRICHMENT: Rabbits can become bored in their environment so there are many ways to enrich the accommodation. Things such as plastic plant pots stuffed with hay and treats, rolling hay balls, branches from fruit trees, chew toys and tunnels are all good enrichment. If you would like more ideas please ask a member of staff.

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 8 months old
  • Breed: Cross Breed
  • Reference: 23PM150518-44