Iver came into our care as his previous owner could no longer keep him. Iver is a young boy looking for a family that has the time to socialise with him regularly and a home with plenty of enrichment to keep him entertained. A home with a suitable guinea pig friend for him is a must as guinea pigs are generally social animals and enjoy the company of each other.

Size Requirements: Guinea pigs need a minimum of 4ft x 2ft x 2ft (8sq ft) with a sleeping area of 1ft x 7 ins (1.6 sq ft).
Diet: They should be fed on a complete Guinea pig food and never fed rabbit food! They need a high supply of vitamin C which is included in the food. Guinea pigs often pick and choose which parts of the food they like so it is best to feed them nugget s instead of muesli to ensure they are receiving all the necessary nutrients. They do require hay as a large part of their diet to assist with correct wearing of their teeth. They can also have fresh veg every other day; however there are many veg and fruit they cannot have! Please ask a member of staff for a list of appropriate food types.
Neutering: We neuter all our male guinea pigs here at the centre. We also ask that members of public get their male guinea pigs neutered if they are being bonded with a guinea pig at the centre. We do not ask that female guinea pigs are neutered.
Company: Guinea pigs would naturally live in large groups so keeping them alone is unfair. A male - female ratio is best. They live happily as pairs or in groups.
Enrichment: Guinea pigs need enrichment to decrease boredom there are many ways to achieve this. For example: Plant pots, tunnels, tubes, hammocks, branches (fruit trees) etc. If you need more ideas please ask a member of staff.