Alex, Neil and Roger


Alex, Neil and Roger are beautiful boys that would like to be rehomed together. They are all sweet natured guinea pigs but are quite shy at the moment, so would benefit from a home that can continue with their socialisation. Do you have space in your home for a trio of gorgeous guineas?

SIZE REQUIREMENTS: Guinea pigs need a minimum of 4ft x 2ft x 2ft (8sq ft) and a sleeping area of 1ft x 7 ins (1.6 sq ft).
DIET: They should be fed on a complete Guinea pig food and never fed rabbit food! They need a high supply of vitamin C which is included in the food. Guinea pigs often pick and choose which parts of the food they like so we feed them food in a nugget form to ensure they are receiving all the necessary nutrients. They do require HAY as a large part of their diet to assist with correct wearing of their teeth. They can also have fresh veg every other day; however there are many veg and fruit they cannot have! Please ask for a list of appropriate food types.
NEUTERING: Male Guinea pigs are normally neutered but female can also be done. All male Guinea pigs are neutered here.
COMPANY: Guinea pigs would naturally live in large groups so keeping them alone is unfair. A male - female ratio is best. They live happily as pairs or groups.
ENRICHMENT: Guinea pigs need enrichment to decrease boredom there are many ways to achieve this. For example: Plant pots, tunnels, tubes, hammocks, branches (fruit trees) etc. If you need more ideas please ask.