Colin and Carl


Carl & Colin came into our care as their previous owner was unable to look after them. These cheeky boys are full of energy and love to play! They are looking for their forever home that will continue providing them with regular socialisation and lots of fun. They can go together or into a business depending on the ferret meet and accommodation.

Size Requirements: A single/pair of ferrets needs a minimum space requirement of 6 ft x 3 ft x 31/2 ft high (18 sq ft) with a sleeping area of 1ft x 1ft 9 inches (1.8 sq ft).
Diet: Ferrets can be fed on a complete food. They do also enjoy fresh meat like mince and chicken on occasions. They can also be given eggs and tins of cat food. Ferrets here are fed on James Wellbeloved complete food, with a small amount of meat every other day and an egg once a week.
Neutering: All our ferrets are neutered here. It is essential that female ferrets are neutered or have a jill jab. We ask that any member of publics ferrets are neutered if introducing them to our ferrets here at the centre.
Company: Ferrets should be kept as pairs or more. They are very sociable animals and would live in large groups naturally.
Enrichment: Ferrets are highly active and inquisitive animals who need constant change in their environment to ensure they do not become bored. When ferrets are bored they will go looking for something to do which often results in an escape. There are many ways to enrich the ferret enclosures, such as plant pots, tunnels/tubes, cat toys, hammocks etc. They also enjoy being walked on a ferret harness. If you would like anymore ideas please speak to a member of staff.

  • Gender: Male
  • Reference: 10M010518-32