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Pet of the Week


Lovely Lana hasn’t had the best start in life and was brought into our care by one of our inspectors.
Due to her age and poor treatment, she’s a bit wobbly on her legs and therefore doesn’t need long walks (although she is well-behaved on a lead). However, she does love to be outside and enjoys regular visits to our field for playtime and lots of love and attention.
She’s a little bit deaf but can hear some noises, especially the sound of her food bowl being delivered!
Lana has been taught how to sit whilst at the centre by using treats and hand signals. We are pleased with this step forward for her and know that she would benefit from further training.
She craves company and needs to be taught that it’s okay to be alone (but then she can only be left for a maximum of 4 hours in a 24-hour period).
Do you have a safe, loving home to give this wonderful lady the kindness and attention she deserves for the rest of her life?