Joe and Lindy


Joe and Lindy have been brought in the centre for rehoming as their previous owner sadly passed away. They have been together their whole lives happy and in love, therefore they are looking for a home together with either other Budgie friends or as a pair.

Size requirements: Aviary- 7ft 4ins x 6ft x 7ft

Diet: There are all types of commercial food for the particular birds. It is best to have a range of different foods available to your bird as this can aid in enrichment and decreasing boredom. They also need access to grit which will aid digestion.

Company: Birds are sociable creatures and love the company of others of the same kind.

Enrichment: Birds need plenty of enrichment like branches an leaves. Toys such as bells, ropes, perches, mirrors etc. Cuttlefish should be provided also and hanging food sticks and trills all help in enrichment.