Author - David

Oddie’s Story

Oddie came into our care in November, 2015, when his owners just couldn’t keep him. He’d had a toe removed just before he came to us, due to osteomyelitis (an infection in the bone) and we spent lots of time caring for him, bandaging his foot and keeping the wound clean.

Oddie showed himself to be a lovely, loving boy, very young at heart and adored playing with his tennis ball. But Oddie was 14 years old, had arthritis, dry eyes and suffered from sore skin/infections between his pads. So we knew the right home would not be easy to find.

It took six months, but a great couple came into our centre and saw past Oddie’s age and health problems. They gave an old dog like Oddie the chance of being happy in a new home. Eight months later, Oddie is loved, lively and playful. We can’t thank the family enough, for giving Oddie that special forever home that every animal deserves.

“I found someone.”

Twelve year old Cher came into the Centre in February 2015 when her owner was moving abroad and couldn’t take her with them. She was quite a sweetie but liked to have attention on her own terms. When she came to us she had two small cysts on her upper and lower lips. However over time they grew in size. The vet decided that it was best to leave them as it would involve a very big operation. During her time with us very few people showed any interest, which may have been due to her age, her cysts or that she could be grumpy at times. We hoped we had found a suitable home for her with a feline friend but unfortunately this was not meant to be as she didn’t want to have a friend! So once more she was back in our care and then one day someone did show an interest in her and they turned out to be the purrfect match. So, on the first of October 2016 she finally left us for her forever home. She found someone!

Sorry For The Inconvenience

You may have noticed we have a new website. As our old site broke, we had to upload the new version before we could iron out all the mistakes. We’re working through them as fast as we can, and ask that you bear with us whilst we get everything sorted. All our animals available for adoption are listed on the RSPCA HQ website.

Happy Birthday to Us – three times over

2017 is going to be a big year for the Suffolk East and Ipswich Branch of the RSPCA. We’ll be celebrating our 85-year anniversary, having had our first ever meeting on 24 May 1932. Created to help animals in need in our local area, we now rehome and rehabilitate over 460 animals per year, as well as providing services such as veterinary care, neutering, microchipping and advice. We never put a healthy animal to sleep.

2017 will also see the Martlesham Animal Centre celebrate its 40th birthday, having opened in Mill Lane in September 1977. We’re hoping to replace one of our kennel blocks and our dog isolation unit, which are too cramped for larger dogs, with new, up-to-date facilities.

But the Centre is a youngster compared to our Clinic, which has been 55 years at its current site in St Georges Street, Ipswich. It opened in October 1962, having been bought for the princely sum of £1600 (old money) with a building fund raising £151.14s6d “for alteration and decoration”.