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    Windsor and Isabelle: Ref: LAFM300816-87


Windsor: Rex Cross, Adult, Male and Lop eared, Adult, Female

  Isabelle came into our care after she was found as a stray. She is a sweet bunny who would like to find a home that can continue socialising and handling her. Isabelle is always happy to greet you and egger to take a tasty treat from you. Handsome Windsor came into the centre after being found wondering the streets. He is a sweet sensitive bunny and likes to keep his pen clean and tidy. Windsor hasnít had much socialisation and can be a bit shy so he is looking for a new owner that has the time to spend with him.  Windsor and Isabelle have now been bonded so are looking for a new home together.


Size requirements: A pair of rabbits require a minimum of 45 square foot. They need to have access to this at all times. This is not as big as it sounds please ask for an example.

Diet: Rabbits diet should consist of 80-90% HAY. Each rabbit should be fed a small handful of rabbit excel twice a day. This should be scattered throughout the environment to encourage natural foraging behaviour. It can also be handfed which will form a good bond with the rabbit. For more information on the reasons for this please ask. They can also have fresh Veg every other day, however there are many veg and fruit they cannot have! Please ask for a list of appropriate food types.

Vaccinations: Rabbits need regular vaccinations against myxomatosis and VHD. Rabbits from us at Martlesham come fully vaccinated.

Company:  Rabbits should be kept as pairs or more. They are very sociable animals and would live in large groups naturally.

Enrichment: Rabbits can become bored in there environment so there are many ways to enrich the accommodation. Things like plastic plant pots stuffed with hay and treats. Rolling hay balls. Branches from fruit trees. Chewy toys. Tunnels. If you would like to get more ideas please ask a member of staff. 







Please contact 0300 999 7321 to find out more information.

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