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      RSPCA Suffolk East & Ipswich Branch is offering



If you live in the RSPCA Suffolk East and Ipswich Branch area and are receiving benefits or are on a low income please take this opportunity to stop your dog/cat/rabbit having unwanted litters or picking up killer diseases. 

We are able to make a contribution towards the cost of having your animal neutered.  The amount we can give will depend on the sex and size of the animal.

For more details on all the Neutering help we are able to offer please telephone:-

RSPCA ANIMAL CENTRE on 0300 999 7321
9am 4.30pm 7 days a week
on 01473 231972
On Tuesdays and Fridays 11.30am to 1.30pm

(Neutering not only prevents unwanted pregnancies but also prevents some cancers.  Neutering also reduces spraying, straying and fighting in cats and its often when fighting, that cats can catch such fatal diseases as Feline Aids through being bitten or biting.   It is a myth that an animal should be allowed to have a litter before she is neutered. There is no benefit to the animal whatsoever in having a litter before she is neutered).

Microchipping - Events & New Law

Remember from April 6th it has become a legal requirement to have your dog chipped.

We offer a reduced microchipping service at our Animal Centre in Martlesham.  Please ring 0300 999 7321 to make an appointment.  It costs 10 for one animal and 15 for two animals.  If you get your cat or dog chipped, please please please remember to update the details on the microchip database if you move address or change your contact details in any way.

The New Government Law - If you do not get your dog microchipped or your details registered on an approved database [by 6th April 2016], then it will be considered as not complying with the regulations and a notice may be served. If the [dog] keeper does not microchip their dogs within 21 days of the served notice, then you will be liable to pay a fine of 500.


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