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 Pets Located is an online resource designed specifically to automatically and proactively reunite missing pets with their owners. Click the banner above or CLICK HERE to regisiter a lost or found animal.


If you have lost a pet we know that it can be a very worrying and difficult time, and that you want to do all you can to find your pet.  Below we suggest some ways you can try to help find your missing pet.

Stray dogs are the responsibility of your Local Authority so do give them a call.  Your milkman and postman, etc may also be able to help by looking out for your pet on their rounds. You could contact your local police to ask if they are aware of an animal of that description being found, especially dogs.  

The RSPCA suggests you register your animal with Pets Located, see above, an online resource to reunite owners with their missing pets.   Another good site to register your lost/found pet with is Animal Search UK -  as recommended by Cats Protection.
We also suggest you contact local vets to you to give them a description of your lost animal, and you can make enquiries with your local RSPCA animal centre.  For our Branch this is 0300 999 7321 (daily, 9am to 4.30pm).   Also contact other local rescues, to you, such as Cats Protection, Blue Cross and Dogs Trust, etc as appropriate to the animal missing.

You could consider putting up posters in your area with a picture of your pet, for example in newsagents and schools.  Local newspapers may have a section for advertising lost pets and you could even ask local radio stations if they can make an announcement about your search.

Be sure to get your pets microchipped in case they go missing in future. We are able to offer this service for 10 for one pet and 15 for two pets.   Please contact 0300 999 7321 for more info or to make an appt.  

If you have exhausted all of the above or have information that the RSPCA may have picked up your animal, call the cruelty and advice line 0300 1234 999.








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