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The majority (over 95%) of the money our RSPCA branch needs is raised locally through fundraising and legacies. We receive no money from the Government or National Lottery.
Even with limited time you can help in all sorts of ways to help support your local branch of the RSPCA.

The RSPCA has over 170 branches which are separately registered charities that carry out vital animal welfare work at a local level. We are the RSPCA Suffolk East and Ipswich Branch

The branches deal with more than 75 per cent of the animals rehomed by the Society. We are all self-funded and need to fundraise in order to survive.

How you can help

At work
  Have a 'dress down day' and charge colleagues 1 to come to work in casual clothes, to wear a silly tie or an outrageous pair of earrings!
  Ask your boss to donate a small prize and hold a raffle.
  Start a cartridge recycling system.
  Ask your staff canteen to give the menus animal names for one week. Get them to put a collecting box at the till and ask for a donation from anyone who goes for those dishes!
  If you have a smoking area, charge smokers a small fee to enter all week - all proceeds to the RSPCA.
  Ask your colleagues to bring in a tin of pet food each. Donate them to your local branch We do feed particular types of food to our animals so please ask as this then eliminates the problem of frequent changes of diet and diarrhoea!
  Contact us and ask what activities we have planned -  you can help us by putting up a poster on your staff noticeboard to help us with publicity.

At home
  If you go to the gym, get friends and family to sponsor you on the treadmill, rowing machine, stepper and in the pool for your workouts.
  Get your local landlord to run a pub quiz and donate the entry fees to the RSPCA.
  If you belong to a golf club or any other sporting club, hold a small raffle or run a 'slave auction' in the bar.
  Organise a jumble sale.
  Have a good clear out and donate any unwanted clothes or bric-a-brac to our charity shops in either Felixstowe or Ipswich, or bring into the RSPCA centre.
  Hold a coffee morning at mother and toddler groups.

  Make animal shaped cookies and sell them to friends and family.
  Collect mobile phones and bring them to our centre where we can get money for them.
  Organise a sponsored dog walk with friends in the park.
  Do a sponsored swim or silence.
  Hold a bring and buy sale at guides/brownies/scouts/youth clubs etc.
  Get friends to bring in pictures of their pets and make up an animal board. Charge a small entry fee and get everyone you know to guess whose pet belongs to who.
  Have a pop quiz and charge people to enter.

Call 0300 999 7321 or e-mail if you you can help

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