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Adoption Procedure


1.  If you have seen an animal on our website that you are interested in adopting, contact the Centre to find out if he or she is still available, then pop in during our opening times to complete an application form.  If you are not sure which is the right animal for you, feel free to come to the Centre during our opening hours to see what animals we have available and to seek advice from members of staff.
Please note that we are unable to take reservations for animals over the phone or by email.

It is our procedure that all completed Animal Application Forms are checked by Centre management.

If two or more applicants have completed forms at the same time for the same animal, the Centre management will proceed with the application that it feels best matches the needs of the animal at that time.

In exceptional circumstances, where a potential adopter has to travel more than 50 miles to view an animal, we are able to email an application form which can be completed and returned to us before visiting the Centre.

We will ask all applicants to complete a copy of our own Branch Animal Application Forms.   If you have completed a “Perfect Match” form taken off the National RSPCA website, we will need to ask you to kindly complete our form.

An animal is reserved when a successful application and viewing of the animal has taken place.

2.   At the Centre once you have completed an adoption application form for the animal of your choice it will be checked by staff to see if you meet our rehoming requirements for the animal you are interested in adopting.  We will then take you to meet the animal and if all goes well we will place a reservation on the animal for you. If the animal is out on foster we will make an appointment for you to view them either at the fosterer's home or at the Centre.

3.   Please let us know by noon the following day (or the day after you have viewed a fostered animal) if you wish to proceed with the adoption.  Once we have received your confirmation we will check that all persons living in the household have met the animal and are agreeable to continue on with the adoption.  If there are members of the household who have not met the animal we will make arrangements for this to be done. 

If there are other animals currently living in the household, we will ask for your pet to be brought to the centre for an introduction to be carried out.  This helps us to assess the potential for a successful pairing up between the animals before they are introduced in the home environment.  This is the case for the following animals: Our Dog(s) to be introduced on a neutral territory to any other Dog(s) currently living in the household, Rabbits to be introduced on a neutral territory to any other Rabbit(s) currently living in the household, Ferrets to be introduced on a neutral territory to any other Ferret(s) currently living in the household and Guinea pigs to be introduced on a neutral territory to any other Guinea pig(s) currently living in the household.  

4. If all circumstances are agreeable we will then arrange for you to have a home visit to check that your home is suitable for the animal you wish to adopt. This is carried out by a volunteer who will do their very best to undertake the visit within seven days of you confirming your reservation. If you do not wish to proceed with the adoption, we do understand but please let us know as soon as possible so we can put the animal up for rehoming again.  This is carried out by a volunteer who will do their very best to undertake the visit within seven days of you confirming your reservation

5.  As soon as we know that your home visit has passed we shall contact you to give you the good news! We will also let you know when the animal is ready to leave the Centre, and make an appointment for you to come and adopt.  Once the paperwork and health check is done, you can take your new pet home!
6.  Sometimes you may have to wait a little longer before the animal can leave the Centre. Kittens must be at least nine weeks old before they can be adopted; animals may still need to be neutered or spayed, and then observed for at least ten days afterwards to check that there are no problems; they may need further vaccinations, or need to finish other treatments or medications if this is necessary.

Whatever the reason, in every case the welfare of your new pet is our top priority, and the decision as to when they can be taken home is made by Centre staff.  We hope that if you have come this far towards giving one of our animals their loving, forever home, you won’t mind waiting a little longer.

7.  Three months or so down the line you will get another home visit to check that you, your family and your new pet are all happy.













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